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Nancy White, President, Founder, Full Circle Associates

Nancy White, President, Founder, Full Circle Associates. With strong experience in technology stewardship, White bridges technology and social design, always in a collaborative process. She focuses attention around the emerging field of online group facilitation practicing interaction design, facilitation and coaching for distributed communities of practice, online learning, distributed teams and virtual communities. Experienced working in inter-cultural international settings, she is an international expert in practicing online group facilitation of distributed work, learning and community groups. As a technology steward, designer and builder of online interaction spaces (events, teams, learning groups), she has extensive knowledge of web 2.0 tools as well as community and instructional design. She has led design work for health, education and scientific research online communities.

 Nancy has done extensive work with the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research, the UN Food and Agricultural Organization, UN University, IFAD, the March of Dimes, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and other leading NGOs and funders. Nancy holds a BA from Duke University, has recently published “Digital Habitats: Stewarding technology for communities” with Etienne Wenger and John Smith.