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GPU Leadership

IMHO 2010 Boston Conference: Cherow is seated at the far right.
IMHO 2010 Boston Conference: Cherow is seated at the far right.

Evelyn Cherow, MA, MPA

 & Global teleRehabilitation Institute

CEO and Founder

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Evelyn Cherow, created GPU, a woman-owned social enterprise NGO, that forms innovative public-private partnerships committed to brain ‘gain’, systems strengthening, and capacity building in developing countries via applications of 21st century learning management systems, conferencing tools, telepractices, and hybrid knowledge sharing models.

Over several decades based in Washington, DC, and later in California, she has served in executive as well as senior management for healthcare, disability and education non-profit organizations. In San Francisco, California, she served as vice president/consultant for strategic planning of Children’s Services at the largest center for children and adults with developmental disabilities. From 2003-2006, as Executive Director of a new U.S. Congressionally-funded, university-based Institute for Persons Who Are Hard of Hearing or Deaf (National University; La Jolla CA), she developed a vision approved by the US Education Department for creating virtual educational programs for professionals and consumers to affect states' and countries' educational and healthcare system change and positively affected disability program systems strengthening for the states of Texas, Washington, Nebraska, Maryland, Kentucky, Virginia, and the territory of Saipan. Her colleagues—national subject experts—contributed to course curricula and taught from widespread locations to ‘students’ throughout the country and overseas forming mentored Communities of Learning and Practice.

Evelyn CherowPreviously, Cherow held positions in Washington, DC as a senior level executive in a nationally- and internationally-scoped, non-profit professional association of 130,000 member audiologists/speech-language pathologists (American Speech-Language-Hearing Association/ASHA) focused on national and international health care and education professional credentialing and policy advocacy. With 45 national panels of experts, she facilitated preferred practice state-of-the science and –art consensus building and resultant policy dissemination. She has designed and conducted over 75 national on site, online, and distance educational programs and authored/edited/moderated a Report to Congress, monographs, texts, fact sheets, a profession-wide listserv, newsletters, and journal articles respectively.

As spokesperson to agencies, policymakers, and the media, Ms. Cherow formed, led, and participated in national coalitions and interdisciplinary committees to shape U. S. federal and state legislative and regulatory policy as well as facilitated expert panels, built consensus, and promulgated policy guidelines to improve national and international preferred health and education practices. She has served as an advisor to U.S. federal agencies (CDC/NBDDD, NIH/NIDCD, Education Department, OSHA, FDA, SSA, EPA) on projects of national significance.

In 2002, Ms. Cherow completed a Master’s in Public Administration at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government with major areas of concentration in leadership and advocacy and additional studies in international development and negotiations. She has provided leadership and advocacy teaching for UK-wide early hearing detection and intervention program professionals as well as for leaders of Disabled People’s Organizations in Belarus to affect systems strengthening. She has consulted in Madurai, India on a prosthetic technology transfer and hearing clinic establishment project.