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Muhiuddin Haider, PhD

Muhiuddin Haider, PhD, is a highly skilled public health professional who has managed and led diverse public health projects and research studies in more than a dozen countries worldwide over thirty years, on behalf of several international agencies and universities. He has assisted multi-sector initiatives to advance the delivery of quality health care services in the areas of Avian Influenza, HIV/AIDS, TB, RH/FP, and Malaria and has developed expertise in the areas of health communications, health promotion, health education, and social marketing.

Dr. Haider’s research into strategies of behavior change, application of social marketing tools and communications capacity building has led to several acclaimed publications. He has led major public health projects in several countries in Africa and Asia, for which he utilized technical skills to stimulate innovative and culturally sensitive approaches grounded in organizational and technical soundness. His recent research and programmatic work has focused on avian and pandemic influenza, for which he has contributed to creating and adapting IEC, BCC, and IPC training materials to establish and implement best practices within public health care systems and promote public-private partnerships.

He has worked collaboratively on numerous occasions with counterparts in the veterinary and agriculture sectors and has advanced the "One World, One Health" framework through curriculum development, targeted coursework for public health students, and the development of a concept paper endorsed by the DOD Veterinary Service Activity, Princeton University-based One Health Initiative Advocacy Group, Agricultural Research Service, DOA and WHO. He developed and conducted training sessions for Media/Health Reporting, with special focus on AI through DOS/VOA and IBB. Recently, Dr Haider was awarded the Fulbright Scholar Grant to assist Ecuadorian Nutritional Program, Universidad De Saint Francisco in Quito.