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GPU Virtual Programs

GPU Virtual Coursesg
GPU Virtual Courses

Based on needs assessment with in country partners, GPU applies staff’s extensive

  • professional development,
  • e-learning, and
  • instructional design experience
  • social media know-how
  • networks of experts in education, rehabilitation, and health care

creating and designing blended courses and customized specialty certificate programs for on site, online and/or mobile delivery.

Who are GPU Target Audiences?

  • Government program administrators
  • Professionals,
  • Community-based health personnel,
  • Educators,
  • Academics,
  • and Consumers seeking knowledge, consultation, and peer-to-peer & subject expert mentoring

GPU Program Goals: Brain Gain and Systems Strengthening for Sustainability and Scalability

Focused on ‘brain gain’ and providing access to subject experts and peer mentors…
GPU offers culturally sensitive, targeted learning for community-based health, education and rehabilitation personnel as well as civic personnel leading and administering healthcare, education, and rehabilitation systems and institutions.
Connecting learners across regions and globally….
GPU provides a networking milieu that emphasizes quality delivery of services and outcomes that are measurable and transparent.
Offering on site and/or distance education and ongoing mentoring….
GPU designs desired and customized learning models that minimize costly travel and enhance the ability to evaluate outcomes both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Monitoring and Evaluation

GPU builds in Evaluation Component constructed to both—

  • track individual plus group processes and outcomes, and
  • measure program efficiency and effectiveness.

Program Evaluation and Outcomes Accountability

GPU plans a range of essential evaluation processes to ensure—

  • Self-correction
  • Accountability
  • Transparency